Producing low carbon energy

We’re Enhance Energy, and we’re passionate about creating a collaborative, sustainable energy solution.

Enhance Energy is an Alberta-based carbon management company. With over 4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions permanently sequestered in Central Alberta (July 2023), the Enhance team has extensive experience in the planning, design, implementation and operation of large-scale carbon capture and utilization projects that manage Alberta’s industrial emissions safely and securely.

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Lowering Alberta’s carbon footprint while driving our economy forward

Enhance leverages proven technology to deliver a carbon mitigation solution that will help Canada meet its climate change targets while stimulating the Alberta economy through sustainable employment and abundant low-cost energy.  Utilizing CO2 EOR, Enhance is able to safely capture and permanently reduce atmospheric CO2 while increasing energy production that generates revenue to help fund the much needed critical CO2 infrastructure to manage future decades of growth.

About EOR

A low carbon-impact solution that is part of Alberta’s prosperous, clean energy future

CCUS using CO2 EOR is one of the most economically sustainable technology solutions that can support the cost of capturing CO2 emissions from power generation, steel, cement and chemicals manufacturing, all of which will remain vital building blocks of modern society.

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