Enhance announces Origins project

Calgary, Alberta – January 19, 2022 /CNW/

Enhance Energy, operator of Alberta’s largest CCUS initiative and founding partner of the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) Project, has plans for a new world-scale carbon sequestration project in Central Alberta. The proposed project would enable meaningful emissions reductions for industrial emitters through permanent sequestration of captured CO2 before it enters the atmosphere. As the owner and operator of a 1.5 million tonnes per year EOR sequestration operation in Clive, Alberta, Enhance has the experience and expertise to successfully develop and operate this initiative.

The Origins Project is envisioned as an open access CO2 sequestration hub helping move Alberta toward net zero emissions by 2050. Origins will be ACTL-connected and also located in Central Alberta. Enhance supports Alberta’sgoals of developing CCUS projects to reduce emissions while kickstarting important emerging investment opportunities. Enhance is proposing Origins as part of the Government of Alberta’s competitive carbon hub selection process and looks forward to continuing to be a key part of the solution to the province’s environmental and economic goals, creating future fit jobs that leverage the skills and expertise of Albertans.

In collaboration with companies across Alberta who will have access to this project, Enhance estimates that up to 20 million tonnes per year of CO2 can be captured, transported, and permanently sequestered. With the global scale of CCS today being 40 million tonnes per year, this sequestration complex would be one of the largest CCS initiatives worldwide.

“This new venture has the potential to attract new low carbon industries to Alberta while providing a safe, secure, and certain solution for emissions mitigation for existing industries. At full scale this project is the equivalent of taking every vehicle in Alberta off the roads. That would be a monumental accomplishment.” says Kevin Jabusch, CEO of Enhance Energy.

Origins progresses the vision that the provincial and federal governments had in supporting the building of the ACTL, and it ensures that foundational carbon management infrastructure is utilized to its full capacity. The project will be positioned to manage CO2 from hard-to-abate industries, like cement, power generation and petrochemicals that exist along Alberta’s Highway 2 Corridor — including the Alberta Industrial Heartland, but also from existing large emissions sources in central and southern Alberta.

Subject to the timing of award of carbon sequestration rights regulatory approvals, and sequestration capacity demand, the proposed project could be in service as early as 2024.

Additional Quotes:

Lafarge Canada Inc.:
“It’s exciting to start to see these projects starting to take shape. Access to sequestration, through the development of Hubs, across Alberta is going to be fundamental to delivering our long-term carbon management strategies. As a large industrial emitter that is currently looking for direct pipeline access to CO2 injection facilities or large trunk lines, we are particularly interested in watching the development of these types of projects. While capture and the associated sequestration of CO2 are only one of the levers in our pathway to net-zero, the certainty of understanding what projects are going to be developed and where is critical.” — Brad Kohl, CEO, Lafarge (Western) Canada Inc.


“As participants in the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Project, Nutrien and Enhance have led the industry in a demonstration of collaboration with the common goal of reduced carbon emissions. We see great potential in their development of a Central Alberta Hub ensuring that companies like Nutrien will have a safe, secure and permanent sequestration option for emissions for the long term.” — Ashley Harris, Vice President Environmental Performance & Innovation at Nutrien

E3 Metals:

“The carbon sequestration hub proposed by Enhance is located near one of E3 Metals’ project areas, providing a local sequestration location. We look forward to collaborating on the technical development with Enhance on sequestration which will ensure both companies can achieve our goals, while reducing carbon emissions in Alberta. E3 Metals is excited to see these projects in Alberta as it provides a potential for us to produce a carbon neutral lithium product, a first of its kind globally.” — Chris Doornbos, President, CEO & Director at E3 Metals

Central Alberta Economic Partnership:

“Central Alberta is already home to a successful CCUS facility with Enhance and we are excited at the opportunity to see this meaningful work expand in our region. For over a decade we have worked with Enhance and watched them demonstrate their competence, diligence and community-minded approach with the ACTL project and their CO2sequestration facility in Lacombe County, Alberta. Utilized to its full potential, a project like this will create jobs and economic activity bringing greater prosperity to CAEP communities across Central Alberta. CAEP represents over 35 communities and working together with industry like Enhance is critical to all of our success – because when one community benefits, we all benefit.” — James Carpenter, Chair, Board of Directors at Central Alberta Economic Partnership

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Enhance Energy is an Alberta-based carbon management company. The Enhance leadership team has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of large-scale Carbon Capture and Utilization projects that permanently sequester CO2 emissions. For more information, please visit and

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