Megatonne Milestone

Calgary, Alberta – March 9, 2021

Enhance Energy is a privately owned Alberta based carbon mitigation company and a trusted leader in reducing carbon emissions through carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS).
The company has been making great strides in helping to reduce our carbon footprint while producing low cost, low carbon energy.

Today, they celebrate a monumental accomplishment, having captured, and sequestered 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.
That is 1 million tonnes of CO₂ that would otherwise have gone into the atmosphere, but instead was captured, compressed, and transported to a mature oilfield in Clive, AB where it was sequestered. This rate of carbon mitigation has the equivalent emissions impact of taking approximately 350,000 cars off the road.

“There’s no question that the world is moving toward a more sustainable path” says Kevin Jabusch, Enhance President and CEO. “At Enhance we are part of the solution. We can continue to produce the energy we need to power our homes, our vehicles, and the economy, and we can do it in a less carbon intensive way. We are sequestering CO₂ and we are using it to help produce some of the lowest cost lowest carbon energy on the planet. All Albertans can be proud of this work.”

Now ten years into their efforts, Enhance received funding from the Provincial and Federal governments to move this project forward and support the critical infrastructure to allow for future growth.

Premier Jason Kenney has supportive words. “Enhance Energy and the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line are true Alberta success stories. Alberta has a proven track record of producing low cost, low-carbon energy and that’s just what Enhance Energy has done – sequestering one million tonnes of carbon dioxide in only eight months. This is a remarkable achievement that will create long-term skilled jobs for Albertans as well as reducing the equivalent emissions of more than 325,000 vehicles on the road. It is yet another example that some of the world’s most impressive expertise on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is right here at home.”

The CO₂ is captured from both the NWR Sturgeon Refinery and the Nutrien Fertilizer facility located in the Alberta Industrial Heartland, and then is transported via the Alberta Carbon Trunkline (ACTL) to the mature oilfield near the town of Clive in Central Alberta. Enhance Energy founded the ACTL Project over a decade ago and the ACTL pipeline is now owned and operated by Wolf Midstream.

Jeff Pearson of Wolf Midstream on operating the world’s largest capacity man made CO₂ transportation network:

“This is an amazing accomplishment in a short period of time — an accomplishment that demonstrates the ACTL system is a reliable solution for large-scale CO₂ emissions reduction. The pipeline has excess capacity and will serve as the backbone for a larger CO₂ pipeline network. Emitters can utilize this network to safely send CO₂ down the line to sequestration, keeping their emissions out of the atmosphere.”

The Clive CCUS project reached full commercial operation in mid-2020, and since then more than one million tonnes of carbon has been returned deep underground into our geology.

Enhance Energy is proud to be an innovator- utilizing CO₂ that otherwise would have been emitted to the atmosphere to produce energy. Enhance Energy is producing exactly what the world is seeking, low cost and lower carbon energy.

This project has helped put thousands of Albertans to work and helps to generate royalties for the province. Enhance Energy sees opportunity for more CCUS to be an enabler for additional reduction of CO₂ emissions from industrial sources in the province. Enhance is extremely proud of this accomplishment and this made-in-Alberta approach to addressing greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a good news story for Alberta, Canada, and the world, showcasing that Alberta can and will innovate to remain a leader in producing energy in a low carbon economy.

Additional Quotes:

“By reaching this milestone, Enhance Energy is demonstrating how innovation is driving energy production while setting the foundation for the future. The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line illustrates the real-world potential of carbon capture utilization and storage projects, while reducing industry’s carbon footprint.”
– Sonya Savage, Alberta Minister of Energy

“Carbon capture technology creates jobs, lowers emissions, and increases our competitiveness. It’s how we get to net-zero.”
– Seamus O’Regan, Federal Minister of Natural Resources

“Alberta’s government is proud to support Alberta-based companies like Enhance Energy that are doing meaningful work to reduce emissions and create skilled jobs and economic activity through innovative technology. Alberta was one of the first jurisdictions to unlock carbon capture, utilization and storage opportunities, and we’re building on that leadership by making an unprecedented investment in CCUS through the Technology, Innovation and Emissions Reduction fund.”
– Jason Nixon, Alberta Minister of Environment and Parks

“Canada is well-positioned to be among the cleanest, most innovative economies in the increasingly low-carbon global economy. We have an agile workforce, companies that are innovating to cut pollution — including Enhance Energy — and a comprehensive climate plan with the regulations, an effective price on pollution, investments and policies that are required to incentivize and reward innovation. The more pollution we reduce, the more jobs we will create. For the good of our workers, economy and planet, we will continue to embrace all of the tools, technologies and innovations required to do exactly that.”
– Jonathan Wilkinson, Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change

SOURCE Enhance Energy Inc.
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