Lessons learned from the True Reconcili-ACTION Conference

Calgary, Alberta – February 7, 2024

The energy sector is bursting with exciting technology and promising economic opportunities, and Canada’s Indigenous communities are an essential part of the clean energy transition. Enhance Energy is committed to pursuing engagement opportunities that will help build an understanding not only of our past, but also how we can best move forward together.

As part of that commitment, Enhance’s Executive Director of Reservoir Development, Brendan McGowan, had the opportunity to attend the Indian Resource Council’s True Reconcili-ACTION Conference and Gala on January 11th, 2024 in Toronto, Ontario. The one-day event brought together Indigenous leaders, government, and industry to discuss a path toward economic reconciliation in a way that continues to care for the land and centres the voices of Indigenous peoples in the energy sector.

When asked what his biggest takeaway from the conference was, McGowan reiterated that reconciliation transcends regulatory requirements: “We are responsible for listening to the needs of Indigenous Peoples, creating genuine relationships, and putting our words into meaningful actions”.

Enhance is a proud sponsor of the Indian Resource Council’s events in 2023 and 2024, and recognizes the IRC’s leadership to create avenues for these conversations to happen. Learn more about the Indian Resource Council: